Thursday, February 11, 2016

Purity Promise Rings

My husband, bless his heart, will shoot daggers with his eyes at me every time I bring this up. He doesn't want his baby girl to grow up. He takes a few days, but eventually I get him to talk with me. This is just hard on him.

For our children's 13th birthdays, we have decided to take them on a special mommy&daddy date and give them a special ring. They must promise to do everything within their power to be pure in front of God and their husbands/wife. We have had a long talk. I'm quite candid about sex with them. I always have been. It is probably the science teacher in me.

My oldest daughter has chosen a silver ring with a cross and a heart, plus two little cubic zirconia stones. I'll put the Amazon link here:


  1. This is great! Just please make sure that your talk about purity isn't just about physical intimacy. Purity is a much larger subject, and doesn't end with marriage.

    1. Good point Terry! I need to add that to my talk with the kids. I've never really thought beyond their marriage, and I should!