Monday, February 22, 2016

How do you decorate?

I used to be all about decorating and HGTV.

Then I had kids.

Then life happened.

My decorating style has changed.

The other day, Terry reminded me that "love" is a verb. 

I've been thinking on that a lot. I realized that one way we show love in our home is we decorate with "love".

Instead of works of art recognized by the world, we are surrounded by works of art that say "I love you".

Artwork by my daughters:

Artwork by present and former PAI sisters:
(Sorry for the reflection of my dehydrator in the glass)


  1. Those are great! We have lots of my daughter's artwork up, but I need to work on artfully displaying them!

  2. Beautiful!!!! I am someone who definitely decorates with things that I love ... thus the multitude of photographs all over my house! Just about everything you see in my house that is decorative has a meaning or connection for me.

  3. Me too, all my walls have meanings. Especially my Gotcha Day needing a bigger wall :D