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Parenting after Infertility & Loss (PAI) is an online Christian support ministry for those who have suffered infertility and/or loss and are now blessed to be called Mom. Whether you became a Mom through adoption, pregnancy and birth, or are a foster Mom, you know that parenting is both a joy and a challenge! We longed and prayed for these precious children and often feel guilty when we feel anything other than sheer joy. You may have innocently sought support only to hear, "You asked for this" or "I would give anything to be a parent". PAI offers a safe place to share joy, seek advice, wisdom, encouragement and prayer from Moms who do understand. While parenting is our main focus, we also offer support when the painful scars of infertility and loss reappear. PAI is for those whose family is complete and for those who long for more.
Our desire is to love, encourage, support, and pray for you as you embark or continue on this rewarding journey called Parenting. We hope to help each other to be the Christ-centered Mothers Jesus called us to be.

Parenting after Infertility and Loss Ministries (PAI) is not a medical or professionally-based group. We are a non-profit, non-denominational Christian ministry that offers prayer, love, support, encouragement and educational resources for women who are parents after dealing with the heartache of infertility and/or loss. For any medical or counseling concerns, please contact your physician or mental health professional.

Brief Ministry Description/Purpose
Christian-based support for Moms who have suffered through or are suffering through the heartache of infertility and/or loss

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