Monday, July 20, 2015

Finding Joy, part 3

What brings me joy?  

The simple things.  

Man what a year we have had, and I have at times had to look hard for my joy, and I always found it in the simple things.  A loving look from my husband.  A hug from my son.  A good cup of coffee :D.  

This past year has also reiterated to me my 'happy place'.  The beach.  The beach is my happy place that brings me joy.  Its where I feel closest to God.  Its where my troubles seem to melt into insignificance.  Knowing that the God who created such beauty, such vastness, cares, loves and looks out for me.  I am as insignificant to the world as one of those grains of sand, yet to creator of the universe I am important enough to call His child.  He even let me be born in one of the most beautiful places on earth, an Island surrounded by beaches!  

Yep, the beach brings me joy, its my happy place.


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