Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Crafting with Kids

Ya know, kids love simple things sometimes I think more than the crafty crazy. I have not had the energy, thanks to rounds of the tummy bug , to be crafty and creative for Art Time in school time (we homeschool). However, if you give your kids blank paper and watercolor paints, you will be shocked at what they come up with!

We are taking a cruise in February thanks to completing an IPCOT (In Place Current Overseas Tour) and the Army flying us home to FL for a visit (we live in AK, and have only visited once in 3.5 yrs due to how expensive it is). I'm goober level excited about going on a Disney Cruise, but I didn't realize how excited my kids were until I let them have blank paper and water colors. The biggest was off doing her own craft, but all three little kids (ages 9 9, and 6) painted cruise scenes. Two painted their version of the ship, and one painted her version of a tropical beach! It was through art that my kids expressed their excitement over our upcoming cruise.

Lesson: you don't need to be little Miss crafty pants for children to enjoy art. A plain paper and watercolor paints will do just fine.


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