Friday, January 9, 2015

Kids Make Me Smile When...

This is the first in what I hope to make a mini series written by you! Sorry for the font. I did a cut and paste and can't figure how to chage it on my iPad....

Kids Make Me Smile When:

One aspect of my children that makes me smile is how they have become so adapted to my handicaps.

When my strokes happened, my children's world got rocked severely! Mommy no longer could do what mommies normally do. Over the past couple of years, it has really blessed me to see how they have assumed a new roll and way of life that accommodates my new needs. 

They can handle/push a wheelchair better than most nurses. They know how to load/unload it from the car like pros. They automatically do the little things like opening doors and picking up/clearing my path without being asked. Truly, it is just the thousand little things they do now without thought that make my life just a little less complicated. 

They make me smile when they develop "righteous anger" over some injustice they see done towards me or handicapped people in general. I admit to staying quiet on purpose as they politely put people in their places when it comes to the needs of the handicapped. People take things better when my kids present the information instead of grumpy ol' me.

There are indeed days that my "blessings" are quite the trials, but I try to remind myself of the good they do, and that the quality of their hearts is indeed on the right track. 

My kids make me smile!
- Kendra


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