Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Beauty In The Bitter Moments

When I opened the door to take a picture, the heat escaping my home in the form of vapor billowed in front of the camera. Right now, outside is -34F. Bitter cold. Inside is 70F, thanks to a wonderfully efficient wood stove. There is a temp difference of more than 100 degrees between my home and outside.

Here is where I turn all "deep thoughts" on you...

The view through my triple pane, argon filled windows is beautiful. The sun has "come back", and it is indescribable. The way it glistens and bounces off the snow can't be captured in paintings, or even with my incredibly poor photography.

It looks like quite the lovely day....until I open the door. It is bitterly cold out. In fact, it is so cold that the temperature actually causes physical pain after being exposed for only moments.

It made me think of parenting after infertility.

We view motherhood as the supreme accomplishment....just one joy and blessing all wrapped up in a tiny baby.

Then, we open the door.

Motherhood is indeed a blessing. It is a joy. It is also a struggle. Being a mother brings incredible and abounding joy. When we view it through the window presented by others, it is just a beauty to behold. 

We love and cherish our children in a way folks who haven't suffered infertility and loss can't fathom. That doesn't mean we don't struggle with the same issues every other parent faces. It can be bitter sweet sometimes, much like looking out a fancy dancy window at the beautiful Alaskan wilderness....then opening the door.
....foggy beauty,taken through billowing heat vapor.