Monday, January 26, 2015

Kitchen school...and my fall back food

This happened when we had pizza eating out, but making your own pizza would be even more awesome. I could go on and on about math lessons for all ages, and would be happy to do so for you if you ask.

My daughter is learning why not make the rest learn a little too ;) Ya have to understand, we are "sorta unschoolers", so this kind of thing, while dorky, is commonplace for us.

First, you need to know the formula for the area of a circle.

Next, ask your kids what is cheaper per square inch: a small, medium, or large pizza. The answers will vary depending on the size of pizzas your fav pizza place serves. In general, the answer is large....

Then, we had a buy one get one pizza free I had them compute what would be cheapest per square inch and for the needs of our family....cuz I'm admittedly a cheap skate, and want the best deal.

Then, we had quite the discussion of how math really does apply to our every day lives.

I love it when food and school come together!

That leads me to my next topic. I often play with my food, experimenting with abandon in the kitchen, and that is ok.... Even if my experiments fail, I keep several frozen pizzas in the deep freeze. We will have dinner one way or another !


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