Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I "heart" my hubby...story 2

I grew up an only child in a rural area and not much family around. While I am an extrovert, I crave quiet times and the chance to be alone.

Fast forward to my mid-30s and here I am with my husband and three (very loud) children. And a gigantic extended family.

I love them all dearly. I treasure the time we have together. But I need my quiet time.

My husband is amazing because he can come home after a long day at work and see me - I must have that look in my eye - and he tells me to take a time out and go have quiet time. Or he sends me out alone where it's quiet and I can actually think again.

He is a super dad as well, often taking care of all three children so I can spend an evening with girlfriends or my own mom. He never complains about it, either.

I love my husband because he knows what I need when I need it. He treats me like a princess and I could not ask for more.

- Allison

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