Thursday, December 18, 2014

I "heart"my hubby....story 3

I "heart" my hubby because he adores our girls. I am blessed that our children know with an unwavering certainty that they are the Apple of his eye, his Princesses, his Precious Ones. He would do anything for them, and he does. 

One  weekend they decided that they needed to go camping. But given the fact that it is the middle of winter, it was decided that camping in the lounge room would be best. That, however, is not an excuse to take the event lightly. They made Eddy pull down the suit cases from the top of the garage, went into their rooms to pack them, then dragged those heavy things all 5 meters to the tent in the family room where they proceeded to unpack. Eddy was coerced into packing a bag too. 

After the girls were soundly asleep, Eddy decided to make a run for it and escape back to our room and the comfort of his own bed. But no. Talia woke at midnight, noted his disappearance and came to drag him back to bed. With shrug of his shoulders he graciously accepted his fate, and returned to sleep on the floor, with a pair of little arms tightly wound around his neck. 
Photo of the girls in tent...

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  1. Eddie is one of the very few true gentlemen I have met. Great guy, and beautiful family <3