Friday, December 19, 2014

I "heart"my hubby....story 4

Carl shows his love for me and his commitment to our four wonderful blessings from above. Sometimes it is just bringing me my coffee when I'm having a "mom" moment, other times it is helping me work though the crazy family issues that fill my plate. He seems to know when my "SuperMom" of my 4 little "super kids" gets a bit tattered.

He works hard everyday to support this family. Although I could work, and make decent money doig it, he chooses to see the importance of allowing me to be the Stay At Home Mom I am. He views raising our children as my most important job, and has never given me grief because of it. In fact, when our family grew from 4 to 6 through the miracle of Foster-to-adopt, he even increased my budget. 

I have vices, boy do I have vices, but Carl loves me inspite and because of those vices. I "heart" my hubby.


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