Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I "Heart" My Hubby

- We will take turns sharing the special things that make us love our hubbies, even when times are tough....especially when times are tough. I firmly believe this makes a marriage stronger, plus it helps to encourage us to think positively.

I'll go first. 

In Interior Alaska in the winter way up here close to the Arctic Circle, we are anxiously awaiting Winter Solstice (Dec 21). It gets dark, very dark. By the time Sostice gets here we have about 3 hours of dusky light, with the sun never stretching even over the tops of the trees. I usually deal fine with it, but this winter I have a serious case of the "darkness blues". I haven't even felt like preparing dinner for my family, and cooking is my most favorite past time. I'm almost always in the kitchen making something. 

My sweet hubby decided he needed to do what he could do to brighten my spirits. Flowers in the dead of winter in interior Alaska cost an arm and a leg. My hubby bought a beautiful bunch to set on my table to hopefully brighten my day.

I "heart" my hubby!

- Kendra 

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