Friday, October 3, 2014

A Sisterhood of Love

My husband and I went through infertility. Except he didn’t get it. He didn’t go through it the way I did. Nobody understood. Then I found a wonderful ministry that gave women support and hope with a Christian perspective. 

During two years of trying, crying, and praying, I had an early miscarriage. We also attempted to adopt and spent six months playing the waiting game there. In 2006 I finally became pregnant with my daughter. 

I still felt the stab of infertility, though. Wasn’t I cured? No. Becoming a mother doesn’t make the pain go away. Then I found Parenting After Infertility and Loss Ministries (PAI), started by a mother who understood the conflicting feelings and thoughts that went along with both the exhilaration of parenting and the agony of infertility. 

Since joining PAI in 2006 I have experienced two miracle births, one arduous adoption, and one additional miscarriage. I have gone through eight years of parenting – the good, the bad, and the ugly. The Christian sisters “in residence” at PAI have been therapists, ministers, encouragers, and advice columnists. They have given advice on anything from birthday parties to illnesses. They have prayed for us as we fought tooth and nail to adopt our son from foster care and have lifted us up when I lost one of my precious children. 

We say on PAI that we are all “aunties,” and it couldn’t be more true. I have had the privilege of meeting several of these ladies and they are truly amazing. And while I have not met most of them, they are my friends in the truest sense of the word. Christian sisters. Knit together by our love of Christ and our love for our families. 

by Allison



  1. I totally agree Allison. The girls are an amazing support network, non-judgmental and loving. Blessed to be part of it <3

  2. Beautiful article and expresses my sentiments as well. Praise God for PAI! Where would I be without my sisters?