Monday, September 29, 2014

What PAI means to me ~Kendra

My PAI Story

Well, you are gonna have to rewind all the way back to the early 90s. Many of my fellow PAI ladies and myself were involved in a ministry called Hannah's Prayer. It is still going strong today, but our "mother goose", Kim, saw a need where woman who, despite their struggles with infertility and loss , could "congregate" as we all became mothers through different forms of God's miracles and blessings. 

Fast forward to April 2012. I suffered 12 life altering strokes, including in my brainstem. I hadn't been active on Hannahs Prayer or PAI for several years, but somehow these dear women found out, and my hubby was bombarded with gifts and cards from around the world. At the time, I had a tracheotomy in place and couldn't talk, but my poor hubby was all but flabbergasted by the things literally from around the globe. He had no idea I had friends in so many places. You see, these women became the people I shared my heart with. They knew intimate details about my life that no "in real life" friends knew. They sprung into action when the news was shared.

Besides the cards and gifts, the biggest thing the ladies could do was pray...and I'm telling ya, someone has the red phone to heaven's door because those prayers worked miracles. I "tried" to die twice. Twice doctors revived me. Why, I think these ladies prayed so hard that God just had to listen to them pounding at His doorstep! No, I know that God could have chosen to take me home, but these girls are serious prayer warriors!

Parenting after living through the pains and rigors of infertility and loss has its own "twang". It isn't better or worse, just different. This is a place where you can trust the ladies to "shoot straight from the hip". They can be trusted with your joys and your sorrow, your triumphs and your pains. It is a place where your emotions that are all tangled up with IF/loss are validated, understood, and nurtured in a Christian manner.

PAI is simply a place you can call home.
 Written by Kendra


  1. Kendra, you're my hero. Love ya Girl! Keep on pressing forward, and I cant wait for the day you walk to me and I get to hug your neck! xxxxxxx

  2. We love you, Kendra!

  3. Tears Kendra. You are so special. Love Helen