Monday, October 6, 2014

Recipe - Pancake Muffins




Healthy kind of food! 

I'm the busy, mom of four. I have also been severely handicapped by strokes. Cooking has to be all of the above for me. Yes, I prefer to cook from scratch, but life just makes that not happen.

So, I hope to share recipes with you weekly that were meant for busy moms.

Easy portable breakfast: Pancake Muffins

1- Mix up your fav pancake mix. I like the "just add water" mixes for crazy mornings.

2-Place cupcake papers in a tin.

3- Lightly spray the inside of the paper with "cooking spray". If you don't have cooking spray, very lightly brush the insides with oil.

4- Choose your "mix in". Go sweet with dried fruit, chocolate chips, or granola. Go savory with turkey bacon, cheese, or roasted veg leftover from last night. The sky's the limit.

5- Fill the paper cups 2/3 with mix and then gently poke your chosen yummies in.

6- Bake at 375 degrees F for 20 min ( about 180 degrees C).
*  The one pictured had about a tablespoon each of shredded cheddar cheese and torn up cooked Turkey Bacon

**disclaimer- I live in Alaska, so my baking times and temps may be different than yours.

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