Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Parenting Through Challenges

What is a parenting challenge? I submit that it can be anything, both serious and silly, that forces you to  problem solve.

When a series of severe strokes threw my bootie into a wheelchair, parenting became an everyday challenge. One such challenge was rather silly, but a challenge to me none the less.

I can access every room of my house except the "kid's bathroom". The doorway and shape of the room make using my wheelchair a no go. 

I have three daughters with medium to long hair. I also have medium to long hair. Call me crazy, but at least once a day, I like to brush my hair. Problem was, my hairbrush kept finding it's way onto the counter in the kid's bathroom beyond my reach.

I tried yelling. I tried punishments. They didn't work. My hairbrush got taken at rather regular intervals.

I'd had enough. I bought a brush with a hole at the bottom of the handle. I attached one end of a bungy cord to the brush, and the other to my dresser. I then had my husband squeeze the beegeebers out of the ends so that they would stay shut. I haven't lost my brush in a year!

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