Sunday, September 27, 2015

Leftover rice - breakfast Fried Rice

have a hatred for wasted leftovers, and my family is terrible about eating leftovers. This was born from waking up, opening the fridge, and thinking, "if I don't use this today, I have to throw it out".

We had:
Leftover rice....about two cups
Fancy smancy bacon end pieces

Breakfast fried rice:

Please excuse the "abouts" as it was early, and measuring first thing in the morning is both annoying and near impossible to my tired body. I feel lucky I can cook :( . I'm definitely in splash and dash mode before noon!

About 1 cup diced bacon end pieces 
About 2 cups leftover jasmine rice
About 1 tbs Soy Sauce
About 1/4 cup water
About 1 tbs chives (save a pinch for garnish)
About 1/2 tsp ground ginger
About 2 dashes Sesame Oil
8 eggs
Handful grated cheese

In a frying pan with deep sides- crisp up bacon end pieces
Toss in leftover rice, soy sauce, and I added a bit of water because the rice was dry
Stir about a min, until incorporated
Add in chives and ground ginger
Add in 8 scrambled eggs and two small dashes Sesame oil, cook stirring until eggs are done
Serve sprinkled with grated cheese and a few chives

Serves about 5
The kids raved and gobbled it up in 2 min flat....and back out to play in the September!


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