Monday, April 13, 2015

Crafting with kids: toy sleeping bags

Disclaimer: these crafts were made by kids. Perfection was not the key. Fun and learning were important, so these are not by any stretch of the imagination "Pinterest" worthy. They were just fun.

I had each kid go get a favorite toy.

The girls all chose dolls of various sizes. The boy chose a stuffed dragon.

The following is one of the ways we "unschool", so feel free to skip steps.

Step 1: collect desired toys

Step 2: measure the length and width of the toy to determine how much fleece you need. Length of toy + 6 inches by width of toy + 6 inches for the bottom fabric. For top fabric you measure length of toy to neck + 3 inches by width of toy + 6 inches. You get two rectangles, one of which is a bit shorter than the other.

Step 3: select fleece. My kids chose their fabric at the fabric store. Make sure you have enough to make doll/stuffed animal pillows. We talked about how to determine fabric length...and discussed how to get the width we needed with extra for pillow making.

Step 4: collect materials
Fleece rectangles
Measuring tape

Step 5: trim fleece as needed
Step 6: cut 3 inch ties around the outside of three edges of the rectangles, leaving the top alone. The easiest way to make sure they line up is to lay the fleece on top of making a no-sew tie blanket.

Step 7: 
Tie the strips together all along the edges, square knot style.

Step 8: make a doll/stuffed animal pillow by cutting a long rectangle of fabric. Fold it in half. Repeat the strip cutting process on the three unfolded sides.

Step 9: tie up two sides of the pillow. Stuff full and tie the third side.

Step 10: camp out with your friend!

School topic covered: measurement, addition, area, home ec, knot tying, cutting
Life skills: creating a pattern using geometry, fabric store shopping, money usage