Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kids Make Me Smile When....story 3

It’s Saturday morning and I am snuggled under my covers almost sleeping when I hear little footsteps.  Then, I feel small fingers trying to pry open my eyelid.  “Hi Momma, You wanta build a snowman?” 

“Mmm, No.”

“Oh. Well, Tigee is sleepy too.  He sleep with you.”  My son then tucks his alter-ego, Tigee, into bed with me and goes downstairs to his Daddy.   I smile, hug the stuffed Tiger and turn over to sleep.

You see, other than the fact that we have watched “Frozen” way too many times, my kids make me smile when they are spontaneously generous.

My daughter is one of the most generous people I know.  She will take an extra pair of gloves or boots to school in case one of her friends needs gloves or boots.  She will remember what other people enjoy and will spend her own money to buy someone a gift that she knows that they will enjoy.  Nobody tells her that she should.  She just does.

My son does more than share his favorite friend.  Every Sunday, my children get fruit snacks (a treat!) during the church service.  Every Sunday, my son shares his fruit snack with me and his Daddy.  He will hand me fruit snacks and whisper, “This one for you, Momma, and this one for Daddy when he done with the piano.”  It melts my heart every time.

We also work with a small mission organization in our community.  The directors try to keep a bowl of candy in all of the offices  at all times, because they know that many of their clients will respond better when a small treat is available.  When someone gives my children candy (on holidays for instance), my children set aside candy to give to the mission without my asking them to do so.

Our family also has several friends who are blind or legally blind.  My children have learned how to submit their wants to serve others.  They have learned how to describe the plate for our friends who are blind and to guide them in new situations.  They know that they have to use touch or voice to communicate and not just gestures.  They are aware beyond their years.

My children warm my heart and make me smile all the time, but especially when I see them sharing the love of Christ in spontaneous, natural ways.


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  1. Thats 2 very special, kind and generous kids <3