Thursday, January 15, 2015

I Get It God!

Ever have those times when things along the same theme keep popping up in your life and you get the feeling that God is trying to get your attention?  Yep – it's happening to me.  I'm making my way through my day, and wham!  There it is ... 


On Facebook:  

  • A chalkboard graphic from popped up in my newsfeed:  "Don't let the everyday routines of life numb you out to the miracle of living every day."
  • Not long afterward, another friend who is recovering from multiple strokes posted one from Christine Cain that said: "Think of all the people that never made it to your age. Each and every day is a gift from God. Don't squander today."
  • And even now, as I'm searching through Facebook to make sure I have the quotes correct, I am reminded: "Lord, help me leave room for the unexpected assignments you give me today."


Watching TV:

  • A father and his soon-to-be-a-father son are tackling the project of getting the nursery ready.  Dad is sharing his viewpoint as a dad, and then I hear the phrase "people are always more important than projects"


At the Movie Theater:  

  • Went to the movies the other day, and in the midst of the movie was a song that talked about living in the moment ... Although I don't care for some of the other lyrics, these stood out to me:  "Any moment, big or small, 
    Is a moment, after all.
    Seize the moment, skies may fall
    Any moment.

    Days are made of moments,
    All are worth exploring.
    Many kinds of moments-
    None is worth ignoring.
    All we have are moments,
    Memories for storing."



On the Table: 

  • The message is even reflected on the cover of the current spring/summer catalog for Thirty-One Gifts. 


I've been talking with a friend about a "word" to be a theme/focus for the year, and the one I kept coming back to is "intentional."  To consciously take time with my family, my job, my friends, and everything else in my life, to act instead of always reacting, and to consciously create special moments and memories.  And to take time to "stop and smell the roses" and enjoy the moment.    


It seems that idea is being confirmed ... so now, instead of folding laundry while watching TV with my husband, I'm going to curl up and cuddle with him.  Instead of thinking about what's next on my "to-do" list, I'm going to listen to my son and try to understand just what he's trying to tell me about his favorite video game.  I'm going to find ways to slide in those all-important life lessons for my sons.  To get my camera out and capture moments and memories, but also to put the camera down and ENJOY those moments. 


So I'm off ... I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I'm not going to squander the time and the moments God has graciously given me.