Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas without Extended Family

My hubby is Active Duty Army. We are stationed in Alaska, 4500 miles from family. Driving isn't an option, and flying home averages a total of about $12,000 for my family....rendering visiting for holidays very rare.

So, we spend just about every holiday just us.

Here are some things we do to help make it feel a bit better:
- We FACETIME with relatives on holidays. I imagine Skype would be just as helpful.
- We have started some of our own traditions such as a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party.
- We look for a young couple or a "lone" soldier to invite into our home, making them family for the day.
- We focus on and "celebrate" being free to do whatever we please as a family, not having to bow to the plans and wishes of extended family.
- We don't eat a traditional Christmas meal, but instead have special dishes that remind us of family members.

No matter where you land this holiday season, may you be filled with the joy of the True meaning of Christmas. 

- Kendra

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