Friday, June 10, 2011

"I'm bored!!" - part two


Some more fun suggestions to do with your children this summer

-Make tents and forts out of blankets and sheets.
-Library story time.
-Our bookstore has a train table for kids to play with. She plays, I read!
-Wash the car. That's always fun!

-A nearby Conservation place shows free nature films. And a local movie theater shows some movies (older ones and kid ones) for $1 on certain afternoons

-We grow a small garden.
-We have always picked a lot of fruit in the summer. We eat it and we make jam.
-We also make a lot of home made ice cream. I have found some really great recipes.
-We find a lot of parks that we don't normally go to.
-We have lemonade stands and make special treats to sell at it.
-I have always wanted to make these hot dog and hamburger cookies and I am going to make sure we do it this year.
-We do the summer library program and the kids read up a storm!
-We find nature places and go for hikes. We bring birdseed to feed the birds.
-I will drive to a lake somewhere that has a beach even if it's an hour and a half away and we spend the day there.
-We do a lot of the free movies at our local theater. THAT is such a great deal. We bring in a big bag of treats, even though we probably shouldn't.
-We sign up for a class to take. Something new and different. Soccer, gymnastics, cooking at the old fashioned village, things like that.
-We make lots of popsicles.
-We do lots of outside play time. I get a couple of kiddie pools and put water in them, get out all kinds of plastic toys, an old toy kitchen, dolls and they go to town.
-I usually put out a little table for playdough and coloring.
-Sometimes we go to the planetarium.
-We LOVE the zoo.
-When it rains we try new libraries and bake lots of goodies.

-visit friends, family
-go to the zoo, museum, shops, theme parks, art studio, movies, bowling, beach
-family holiday
-do crafts, drawing, painting, cooking

-We enjoyed painting on the driveway (washable paint) and putting our feet in the paint and making footprints and trying out different textures. We also enjoy sidewalk chalk.
-Visit local museum
-If you have multiple libraries in your area, plan to visit a new one every week. Also, check out your libraries summer programs---a lot of libraries do special summer parties and events which are FREE!
-Visit different parks
-Nature walks
-Have a picnic
-On rainy days, have a picnic in your living room and watch a movie then get all the pillows in your house and put them on the floor an lay on them while you finish watching the movie
-Let's not forget county fairs!!
-Go strawberry, blueberry, etc picking.

-We go to story hr./craft time at the library on occasion. We also go to the library so the boys can play on the computer or with puzzles.
-run through the sprinkler
-play with super soakers and water balloons
-movie days
-peewee baseball, basketball camp, football camp and swimming lessons.
-area town summer celebrations and parades
-water parks

-swimming, lots of swimming
-water balloon fights
-weekly reading program at library
-Sea World
-children's museum
-making homemade ice cream & popsicles
-water parks

-Try a couple of new splash pads in the city
-horseback riding
-wave pool
-peach festival
-I also like to get a bunch of crafts supplies from the dollar store to have on hand for rainy days
-For school age kids a pen pal would be a neat idea
-I want to go somewhere with the kids at least once a week. This year I put a calendar in their bedroom and cross off each day. It helped with things like birthday parties and swimming lessons, gave them some sense of the timeline and being able to anticipate.

-It's so much fun to draw on our filthy driveway with the power washer!
-Check your local Parks and Recreation Department's website for family events
-Start a photo blog with your kids. Have them come up with fun, silly photos to add and blog about your summer activities

-I have a couple friends who picked a food item and every week they go to a different place to try it. -One family is doing ice cream and another family is doing popcorn. So every week they pick a different location. I think that's a pretty cool idea. I of course would be picking the ice cream.

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