Sunday, June 26, 2011

Being a Daddy after Infertility

Well, I’m not sure the title of this truly describes the challenge we went through because I think for us it was more a matter of getting the parts working than not having all the right parts in the first place. Men like to fix things, and so the problem of infertility to a man, I think, poses more a question of how can I fix this? A wife might view infertility as a loss or a tragedy whereas a husband likely views the issue more as problem that needs to be solved. This is where the male and his perspective can come in real handy when facing the challenge of infertility. Don’t expect a whole lot of deep gushy emotional contribution from him; that’s what females are for. Just give him the right tools, and let him go to work on it! Good tools include a good doctor, a Visa, and of course, a strong faith in God.

Although infertility is not always fixable, when it is, and when a baby is finally born, the male feels a huge sense of accomplishment. This not only comes from the simple fact that the problem has been fixed (at least for now), but also comes from having regained the capacity of being able to have provided in an area where at first it seemed would have never been possible.

“Daddyhood” after infertility brings with it a heightened appreciation for the gift of life as well as an appreciation for the fact that at the end of the day, it is still God who ultimately grants the gift of life.

Written by Ebeth's husband, who is the proud Daddy of three adorable children. 


  1. Awesome!! Thanks so much Ebeth's husband :)

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