Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Time to Rejoice

Happy Mother's Day! What a special day for Moms who have endured the pain of infertility and loss. Becoming a Mom has been our prayer for many years and God has answered that prayer. 1 Samuel 1:27, "I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him". It's a day for us to rejoice and to praise God for His gift! It's also a day to mourn our losses and remember the little ones who await us in Heaven.

 "Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn." - Romans 12:15

Moms after IF/Loss often feel burdened by undue guilt, having been blessed to be called "Mom" while there are others who continue to wait. I know first-hand how often Moms after (or in the midst of) IF/Loss are accused of no longer caring for those with empty arms or that we have forgotten the pain of IF/loss. We certainly need to be sensitive and pray for those whose hearts are hurting. We are able to do so with true empathy while rejoicing in our own blessings.  We have been there, we do remember the pain, we still feel it sometimes. We do care. We have not forgotten.

With Mother's Day comes an array of emotions that are often difficult for Moms after infertility and loss to process. It seems we often expect ourselves to either feel 'sad' or 'happy' and that we must choose between the two.  I firmly believe we are able to have both emotions simultaneously. I experienced this when I stood in front of the grave of my Dad, sister, and Grandma.  I felt an overwhelming sense of sorrow. I felt as though I could not go on. Moments later I felt joy in knowing that due to Christ's love for us, for His death on the cross, my family was with God. How awesome is that?  One day, when God says it's time, we will see each other again. It is okay to feel joy on Mother's Day; it is okay to feel sorrow for those who are hurting--- and to feel sorrow for our own losses. 

Rejoicing in our blessings is an expression of gratitude to God. God deserves our praise.  How would we feel if we gave someone we loved a gift and they said, "I cannot let anyone know about this gift nor can I express my joy because not everyone has this same gift".  Doesn't God deserve our praise and gratitude for what He has given us?    Do you think He expects us to wait until everyone has the same "gift" before we express our gratitude?   

Moms - rejoice on this special day! It's the enemy who wants to steal our joy.  Sadly, he has found ample opportunity to do so on Mother's Day.  God knows your heart and He deserves praise for answering our prayers.  What better way to show Him our thanks than by rejoicing and sharing our joy with others.



  1. Kim, that is beautiful ... I had not thought about it that way - that hiding a gift and not rejoicing is like not saying "thank you" ...


  2. KIM..

  3. Thank you ladies. Sadly, moms after IF/Loss are conditioned to feel/believe if they share their joy, talk "too" much about their children, or share "too" many pictures that they are being insensitive. Enjoy your weekend Moms and as always, let's pray for one another asking God to comfort hurting hearts.