Saturday, February 19, 2011

Broken but Blessed

This beautiful poem was written by Erin,  following the devastating loss of their twins.

Broken but Blessed

Anticipation turned to excitement
as we found out we were pregnant.
The ultrasound revealed...
two sacs but only one heartbeat.
Broken but Blessed

Bittersweet tears for one precious life
became complete shock as now
there were two - heartbeats that is.
Mourning for that lost life turned to joy.
Broken but Blessed

Complete and utter disbelief
as now there was no heartbeat, not even one.
Both of our precious ones had died.
How could this happen?
Broken but Blessed

God's hand seen clearly
even in the worst of circumstances.
Praying for emotional and spiritual healing
as we endure this yet again.
Broken but Blessed

God's grace surely abounds
as we know He is Sovereign.
There is a plan for He is in control.
We know that He will sustain us and bring us through.
Broken but Blessed

We are broken and can only turn to Him.
Only He can give us peace and comfort.
Although we must endure this storm,
we grieve but still give Him praise.
For even though we are broken we still are blessed!

Blessed be the name of the Lord!
~ Job 1:21

© Erin S.
July 2007