Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Busy Mommy Ranch Chicken

There are days...
Sometimes, way tooooo many in a row.

I love to cook from scratch. In fact, I'd say my family is rather spoiled. However, today was a day that the herd needed food, but I was loathe to cook it. Luckily, I had the wherewithal to start dinner at 2.

It wasn't fancy. I like "slow food", as in food that is easy to prepare but cooks and makes my house smell yummy for hours. There is nothing like opening the door to a blast of yummy scents wafting from the kitchen.

You can adapt this recipe easily to a crock pot. I happen to be convinced that my enamel coated cast iron Dutch ovens are "magic" I don't believe in magic, but a girl must be silly sometimes lest she become a grump.

This is another process more than a recipe:

1) pick a type of chicken....enough for your family

2) pick a dressing...this time I picked Peppercorn Ranch made from Greek yogurt

3)Does anything go good with it?...bacon goes good with almost everything

4) season and brown your chicken. Salt and pepper work fine. I grab a MSG free quick season when I'm in a hurry.

5) put your chicken in a cast iron Dutch oven or a crock pot

6) add bacon crumbles, or whatever you choose

7) dump on a bottle of your fav salad dressing

8) cook about 4 hrs at 350-375 or on high in the crock pot

9) leave it in the sauce, I used a wooden spoon to mix and bust it up

10) serve over rice or noodles. I have a rice maker. You should buy one. No thought involved! My almost 10 yr old is in charge of it.

Tonight we had bacon ranch chicken:

12 boneless skinless chicken thighs
1 bottle ranch dressing
6 strips bacon, crumbled
Seasoning to sprinkle on the chicken
Small bit of oil to brown the chicken

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