Sunday, April 5, 2015

Kids in the kitchen, Easter version....a lesson and food!

I found these while playing online. I didn't invent this recipe. However, I do believe we have found a new Easter Tradition.

These were called Empty Tomb Rolls. They are a lesson and Easter dessert all rolled into one.

You need 4 ingredients:
Crescent rolls (the refrigerated tube kind)
Cinnamon sugar
Melted butter

1- take one marshmallow, roll it in butter to coat
2- roll your buttered marshmallow in cinnamon sugar
3- take a crescent roll and mold/wrap it all around the marshmallow....make sure you pinch all the cracks closed
4- roll the marshmallow wrapped in crescent dough in the cinnamon sugar
5- bake according to the package directions on the crescent rolls

The finished product:

Do you see the empty tomb:

The kids really enjoyed this. Daddy thought it was really cool too. I do believe we have just started a new tradition. I know it is to late for this year...since we just ate, and we are the tail end of time zones...but next year give this a try. 

- Kendra

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