Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cheater Lasagna

My online friends turned my mind to this idea. You don't HAVE to add ground beef, but I need lots of protien, so I did. I can make a killer lasagna from scratch....but some nights I don't want to.

You need:
2 bags frozen cheese ravioli
1 bag frozen chopped spinach 
1 jar of your fav marinara sauce
1 bag shredded mozzerella cheese (2 cups)
Optional: 1 pack ground beef, browned

1- I chose to do one extra step....brown up ground beef and mix it in with my marinara sauce.
2- ladle 1 or 2 scoops of sauce in 9x11 baking pan...I used disposable...
3- dump one bag of ravioli in the pan and spread it out evenly
4- dump one defrosted and drained bag of chopped spinach on top of the ravioli and spread it out evenly
5- put two or so ladles of sauce on top of the spinach
6- dump the second bag of ravioli on top, spread it out too
7- cover with remaining sauce
8- sprinkle on cheese
9- bake at 350F for an hour (sorry girls across the pond....I don't know the conversion)
Served 6 hungry eaters....
- Kendra 

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