Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Share some love with PAI this Valentines Day


PAI is a ministry we all hold dear to our HEARTS. We LOVE the community and friendships we have here.  It is a place where we meet SWEET friends, we are uplifted and encouraged by women of similar beliefs, who share the same background of infertility and/or loss.

PAI is in need of your LOVING help.

Leading up to this Valentine's Day, we will be holding an online/paypal Fundraiser to help us keep this vital ministry going. 

Our SWEET Fundraiser will start Thursday 12th February, finishing on Valentine's Day Saturday 14th February.

All details on how to donate will be posted on Thursday.

We ask this Valentine's Day, that you donate to PAI the cost of a CANDY BAR.  We are only asking $1-$5 per person, as you feel you are able.  Prayerfully consider the SWEET money you may have spent this Valentine's Day, and give some LOVE to PAI as well.

Of course, this is not compulsory, only give as you are able, what we LOVE most is your prayer support....for that is more precious than CHOCOLATE!

So consider sending us a "candy bar made of love" this Valentine's Day!

WE LOVE PAI and we LOVE you Girls!!

Be blessed
Paula, Judi, Arica, Terry, Terryl and Kendra
PAI Board of Directors.

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