Friday, December 26, 2014

I "heart" my hubby....story 7

My husband brings me a cup of tea every school morning. He sings a ridiculous little sing song with it (Good Morning Sweetheart, I have some lovely tea for you).

He lets me sleep in every Saturday that he can. Even if the kids wake up at an ungodly hour (like 6:00 am), he will get up with them and usher them downstairs so that I can get some more sleep. (I love sleep).

He takes the kids to dance lessons on Tuesdays so that I can get work done at school. This gives me two hours of peace at school to get things done.

He does the laundry - faithfully - without complaining and he washes the dishes.

He is so caring with our children. He has so many silly games that he plays with them that helps them feel loved and connected.