Monday, April 18, 2011

I love PAI because...

From our Members :  I love PAI because…

this is one of the places where I will not be judged.

I can ask questions that I don't know the answer to and don't feel dumb for asking them.

I know that someone else has been in my shoes before.

I can ask for prayer and know I will receive them.

I am accepted for who I am.

I can freely talk about my kids.

I can freely talk about my feelings - the conflicting emotions that parenting after IF brings, the difficulties of ttc after having one child, the conflicts of not ttc anymore.

There is love here.

God is working through prayers of the women here.

God is here.

Because I can be myself.

I can ask parenting advice and get it almost immediately.

I can ask for prayer and get some immediately.

I have a safe place for struggling with attachment issues.

It is awesome to have PAI to connect us with each other, where we can come together and meet whenever we have a minute, to rejoice in our miracles-- and even commiserate too sometimes, because we all know how hard parenting is. No matter how long we waited for it, or how much we want it. Here, there are no accusations of "well, this is what you wanted..." or "as much as you said you wanted a child, I would expect you to appreciate him/her/them more and not get frustrated..."

It is wonderful to have fellow moms for support when IF still stings. Fellow moms who know that pain from IF in no way means discontent or lack of appreciation for the miracles we've been blessed with.

I no longer feel alone as an older IF woman married for a long time who had the dream of having a baby come true.

I can speak freely about parenting issues, IF issues, grief and loss issues, and Christian issues all in one place.

I am encouraged here by members and leaders.

ladies pray for me.

I am blessed to have women who will pray with me, cry with me and rejoice with me.

when I have had a bad day, there is almost always someone here with a story that can make me laugh.

when I have good days, there is almost always someone here with a burden that needs to be divided up. And as a sister in Christ, I am willing to take a part of that burden.

I can talk freely about my hopes, my fears, my dreams and my losses. You recognize that I am not just a mother of 2 beautiful girls, but that I am really a mother of 4.

I can type one handed and people don't mind errors!

I know i won't hurt PI ladies.

I like getting to know people.

I can post a different opinion and people are still nice!

It's a fun part of my day.

I love praying for others.

I think PAI kids are the cutest and I like to see their smiling faces. I love that we have a place to safely talk about our kids, the good and the bad.

I am also grateful for all the friendships I have made.

you all "get it". You truly understand what a blessing our kiddos are because of all we went through to get them, yet, if we need to vent about the frustrations of parenting, you understand those feelings as well. I am blessed to have sisters as understanding and caring as you all.

I can freely mention my daughter and not worry about saddening someone.

I can get prayer any time I need it, and I can give prayers when you need it.

I can speak freely about parenting issues, IF issues, grief and loss issues, and Christian issues all in one place.

I can have my kids' pics in my avatar. 

I think the leadership here are such a blessing, they really care and work so hard to make this a safe place to celebrate our children and yet get ministered to when we need it.

I love that it is a little bit "smaller" although it is such an awesome ministry I pray for it to grow too! (Kinda like our kiddos growing, you want to keep them young but also watch God work in them as they grow)

I love how international it is!

I just love how people can understand here some of the frustrations of also being a parent in a country where you don't understand everything, and sometimes are at the mercy of the culture and the "system" etc.

it is a safe place  for Moms after IF/Loss to share their joy and challenges of being parents while at the same time, protecting the hearts of those whose arms still remain empty.

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