Tuesday, March 22, 2011

God Loves Smudges Too

"God Loves Smudges Too" was written by Carissa, a wonderful after-infertility Mama to five precious miracles.

I was dropping off the kids to Mother's day out and saw a Mom talking to the teacher. She was a well put together Mom dressed in the latest fashions along with her child. I overheard a little of the conversations and she was telling the teacher "Yesterday we went to the park and had a picnic, then we went to the zoo and had such a fun time!" I looked down at Micah and Kerith with what looked like some leftover breakfast on their faces and who did not even have their hair brushed. Not to mention me, I had just put on some clothes. No makeup, one very stressed out breakout all over my face, hair back in a ponytail. "Oh my" I thought and was so embarrassed. Here I am barely surviving motherhood and look at her. I mean really look at her taking her child to the zoo, the park AND a picnic and ALL in ONE day looking like J Lo. Seriously? I am lucky if I get to shower and I can't imagine taking all of my crew to the park by myself let alone the zoo, oh goodness I can just see the chaos that would be. I use to dream I would be that kind of Mom. A picture of true perfection with all my ducks in a row. The Mom I am looks nothing like the Mom I described above, and looks nothing like the Mom I always envisioned I would be. I am slowing learning to be the Mom God wants me to be. It is hard because I tend to be a perfectionist and well those tendencies will have me in the nut house very quickly around this house. Praise the Lord for my smudges, for my messed up hair, for my non-matching clothes, and even my broken out face. God loves our smudges because he loves us where we are and doesn't require clean up before we come to him! Amen!

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